Celebrate the field of Mythic Arts with these free Endicot E–postcards, featuring magical poetry and imagery from the pages of The Journal of Mythic Arts

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How France Get's Into It All by Wendy McVicker

The Bear's Daughter by Theodora Goss

Iron Shoes by Johnny Clewell

Baba Yaga's Daughter by Taiko Haessler

Cinderella Sonata by Ellen Kushner

Silvershod by Ellen Steiber

Reindeer Presence by Mario Milosevic

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Archetype by Margarita Engle

Snow White to the Prince by Delia Sherman

Once Upon A Time, She Said by Jane Yolen

Princess and the Pea by Joseph Stanton

Puss by J.J. Jones

Journeybread Recipe by Lawrence Schimel

Washed in the River by Beckian Fritz Goldberg

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Bone Mother by Holly Black

Donkeyskin by Midori Snyder

Instructions by Neil Gaiman

The Fates by Jane Yolen

Daphne by Faye George

The Green Man by Bill Lewis

Prayer for Woodland Travellers by Ari Berk

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Prayer for Breath by Munro Sickafoose

Sweet Grass and City Streets by Charles de Lint

Soul Transport by Erica Swadley

Javelina: Pronounced Havelina by Howard Gayton

Coyote Tears by Carolyn Dunn

Medicine by Howard Gayton

Tapu' at House by Charles de Lint

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The Night Journey by Terri Windling

Elygy 10 by John Donne

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